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Licensed by Onslow County Health Department.

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Thur: 3pm – 10pm
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Call Us At: 910.353.2288

Our artists are often here after regular hours as we generally work until we are done.

We are located at 233-A Western Blvd. in Jacksonville N.C.. Fantasy Tattoo opened its doors on February 19th 1992 on the corner of Lejeune Blcd. at Western.  At the time we were the only shop on this boulevard. We made the move to our new location on November 10th 2017. Today we are one of the three oldest shops with the same owner, tattooing in Onslow Co. and the surrounding area. This shop is owned and operated by Richard Klee and Tattoo Butch occupies our second chair. There have been many other shops to come and go around me and the thrill of a shiny new shop quickly fades when customers realize, we may look lived in but we have stood the test of time with quality work, fair pricing and guaranteed customer service. Here at Fantasy Tattoo we specialize in all forms of tattooing and offer body piercing as well. Our artists have 60 combined years of tattooing experience, Rich has 2 decades of piercing experience. We extend to our customers a clean work area, sterile equipment, quality work, endless design possibilities, custom work and the most competitive pricing of any quality shop within 100 miles. Stopping by is always free, so come for a look real soon. Please leave your children at home since this is an adult environment and no place for children or distractions.
Thank you, Rich.

Fantasy Tattoo is a BBB Accredited Tattoo Parlor in Jacksonville, NC

Rich & Butch are the bomb. Butch did some awesome cover work for me about a year ago and then I got most of my leg from the knee down sleeved. His freehand is amazing. Last night I got another awesome tattoo from him. I walked in told him what I had in mind and it was like he could see what I was saying. He drew it up perfectly. Tonight I am going back for yet another tattoo from him. Tattoos are forever and I have absolute faith in his work. I highly recommend Fantasy tattoo.
Raven Heart

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Drop by the shop at 233-A Western Blvd. in Jacksonville, NC at the corner of Western Blvd. Right next to The Corner Jeweler, Let's talk about the tattoo you want and lets make it happen!

Questions & Answers

How do I make an appointment?
We make an actual appointment only with a cash down payment. This will ensure that you actually show up for you appointment because you would be surprised how many people have just blown us off without a second word over the years. Generally what is best is to come in, discuss what it is you want. Then we will give you a quote and generally 30% of the price of the finished tattoo is the down payment. This of course comes of the price of the job on your tattoo day. This down payment is non-refundable due to the fact that we will most likely have put time into your tattoo, such as drawing and researching to prepare it for your appointment day. The appointment ensures that when you walk in, you move to the front of the line and your drawing will be complete and we can start working when you arrive. Also it is a good way to avoid extra cost, because when we are allowed to do drawings in our spare time and not make other customers wait, then the drawings will be done as a courtesy and you are not charged for that time.
How do I care for my tattoo?
We suggest leaving the bandage we apply on until you get back home or to a place you can wash it thoroughly. If the bandage sticks at all, you can wet the bandage until it starts to loosen. NEVER pull the bandage of if it is stuck. Wash the tattooed area with nice warm water and a unscented soap that does not have dye in it either. No pumice either, just mild hand soap. Rub with your fingertips, never a washcloth. Let the area air dry. Then we will apply a small amount of lubricant to it. There are many acceptable things to use on your fresh tattoo. Anything from Preparation H to Lubriderm, A&D ointment, any triple antibiotic ointment or simple hand lotions is acceptable. The most important part is to again, choose a product without dyes or scents added. Always use a very thin coat of ointment since your body need oxygen to heal itself we don’t want to suffocate the area. A good rule of thumb is, if you can see the ointment on your skin, you have too much on there. Always rub in like a hand lotion and do not leave access on top. Avoid direct sunlight as to not dry out your tattoo. Avoid getting into salt water or chlorinated water and do not soak in the tub. Follow these directions and your tattoo should be nicely healed in around 10 days, give or take a day or two.
When should I come for my touch up?
This is a question I don’t even believe I have to answer. I have literally had people ask me this one within seconds of completing the tattoo. There is nothing that says you will need a touch up if you care for your tattoo the way we explained. If you do need a touch up, Fantasy Tattoo and all its employees guarantee our wok through the initial healing period. Meaning, If there are light spots or something that did not heal correctly we will touch them up free of charge. This is now ONLY for initial healing so we will honor this for six months after the date of the tattoo. Any more time than that and it is your activities or genetics that cause the tattoo to fade, such as getting sunburns or maybe it’s just your body chemistry that will let them fade a bit quicker than others. Please let your tattoo heal completely before you come in asking about a touch up. That includes the dry period at the end of the healing process that makes it appear dull but is only a dry patch of skin over it from normal healing. Usually a good few days of moisturizer fixes that. We offer touch ups on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays of military payday weeks. We will plan touch ups by appointment only. Thank you.
How much is a medium tattoo?
I believe now as myself and my co-workers have since the beginning of our careers that the best way to get a price is to meet face to face with your artist. There is no “normal” or “average” in this business. Everyone is different and therefore all want different things. Just as adjectives such as cool, big, small, feminine, are all subjective to one’s own opinion. Therefore we prefer customers to come in person and maybe get some ideas down on paper so we know that we are both on the same page and then hopefully come to an agreement. That way there are no surprises or misunderstandings or assumptions. That’s the most professional way to do business we have found.
What do you think I should get?
Well, that’s an almost impossible question to answer. YOU are the only one who knows what you like and want more than anyone else. We try to stay away from telling people what to get because that’s one way you will regret things. Now, if there is a professional opinion such as, it’s not going to fit there, we can’t do it that small and get the detail you want, this piece is long so it will look better on a forearm or calf than your chest, we are happy to give professional guidance. But ultimately, this is a decision you will have to live with, so you most likely don’t want to walk around the rest of your life with something on you that I or one of my co-workers wanted.
Does it hurt?
Well we will be applying it with a needle so of course there will be some uncomfortable sensation. Different parts of the body hurt more than others and generally the closer to a bone such as elbow or breastbone will hurt a little more. There is now way we can answer which part of your body will hurt or not as everyone is different. I have tattooed people over the years in the same exact spots on their bodies and one will tell you that it stung quite a bit and the next will tell you they barely felt it at all. I certainly suggest not deciding placement according to where you would think it hurts least. Always get it right where you want it, because invariably people will say, “Geez, that didn’t hardly hurt at all, I should have gotten it where I really wanted it.” Probably the most important thing to remember is it won’t hurt anymore when we are done and if getting a tattoo is the most painful thing you ever go through, then you will have a pretty easy life.
Well I only have this much money now, should I get something else?
NO, absolutely not. If you really want something, don’t sell yourself short. That is one very good way to regret a tattoo. If you do not have the full amount for the piece you want then I would suggest saving up a little more and then getting it. I fully understand the idea of wanting something TODAY, but we do not want to regret something for a lifetime because of impatience. In order to avoid that, we are glad to put something on layaway for you if you are not so good at saving money and then when it’s paid off we will do the piece. Also many have opted for doing their tattoos a little at a time such as maybe getting the outline one session and then getting it colored in another time when you have some more money, and then the end result is you get what you really wanted in the first place.
Do you guys do henna tattoos?
NO, we do real tattoos
Do you guys do glow in the dark tattoos?
NO, general rule of thumb is, if it glows, you should not put it in your body.

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